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Protect your Critical Assets from Damage with Industrial Guardrail

Posted by Garrett Fishaw on

As a business or facility owner, protecting your assets is critical. Paying for replacements and fixes to dock doors, machinery, or storage and office areas can be costly. That is why finding reliable, strong barriers that can withstand multiple impacts should be a top priority. And we here at Bollards and Sleeves can help.

Our Standard Guardrail and Heavy-Duty Guardrail, as well as our Dock Door Goal Posts, are the versatile barriers that are perfect for shop floor forklift protection. Made from schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe, and sleeved in HDPE plastic, our guardrail options are designed to stop to a 12,100 lb. forklift at 4 mph multiple times with zero deflection.

But the protective abilities isn't the only reason it's such a popular product. 

Thousands of feet of guardrail are shipped out every year thanks to it being the strongest guardrail on the market that is also customizable for almost any job. Add in the guardrail being virtually maintenance-free thanks to the plastic sleeve, which will make it so you'll never have to paint again, and it's the ideal guardrail option.

Looking to save time and money? Our guardrail options will do just that. Properly protect your critical assets while cutting down on maintenance costs and increasing your shop floor space.

Contact us today at Bollards and Sleeves for more information! We'll be happy to answer your questions on why our guardrail options are the right fit for your facility.